Patricia Wiesen
US Art Instructor

Ms. Patricia Wiesen, Department Chair of the Fine and Performing Arts department has been teaching art at Carrollton for thirteen years. In an effort to educate the students to be informed, compassionate global citizens, she teaches International Baccalaureate Visual Art while exploring social issues in her classes.

Dr. Paul Farmer, reached out to Ms. Wiesen when he heard of her work and asked if she would help to raise awareness about the Ebola epidemic that hit Sierra Leone in 2014. Students studied the conditions that led to the Ebola epidemic. In class discussions, they explored the biological, social and psychological components of the epidemic. They finished their exploration by looking at our role in this issue. What do we bring to this as a developed nation? How can we respond? Students then created found object sculptures from the vantage point of their particular interest.

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Thomas Sweeting
Theory of Knowledge Instructor

As the teacher of IB Diploma’s Theory of Knowledge class, one of the overriding aims, of course, is to discover and explore connections among different areas of knowledge and to appreciate the value of such ‘connectedness’ in its application to real-world challenges such as those posed in the global health field. Such connectedness is evident for example in collaborative undertakings based on an interdisciplinary approach combining elements of the natural sciences (e.g. biology), human sciences (e.g. psychology and economics) and ethics.

Sean Boyan
Theory of Knowledge

Dr. Douglas Ghalagher
US History Instructor

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Monica Cuza
US Math Instructor

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Carolina Burelli
US Spanish Instructor

As a teacher of AP Spanish Language and Culture, I aim to get my students informed, not just about the importance of learning a second language, but mostly about the cultures related to the Spanish language. It has always been my goal to make students aware of the world that surrounds them.
In exploring world challenges, they learned about hunger in Latin America. As the world witnesses the horror of the actual Venezuelan hunger crisis, the students will share their research and seek to create awareness that impels to action to help Venezuelan children suffering from extreme hunger.

Maria Sagaruy
IB Physics and Chemistry Instructor

Maria Sagarduy has been teaching Physics for 7 years and is the Science National Honor Society faculty advisor. An alumna of Carrollton, she holds the goals of the Sacred Heart very close to her own heart. She strives to engage students in meaningful activities that bring curriculum to life. Her goal is that students will use their knowledge and skills in Science to make the world a better place by learning to solve some of the world’s toughest problems relating to Health Equity, Energy, and Sustainability.

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Dana Randall
Debate Instructor

Cody Kennedy
US Math Instructor

Students always seem to ask, ”When am I ever going to use math in the real world?” Showing students how mathematics impacts business, everyday life, research, etc. will give them an opportunity to appreciate math in different aspects of life and learn how to recognize it in their daily routines. Every student has the potential to learn and grow in the classroom. It is important to show my students different ways of engaging mathematics and to address each student’s mathematical needs to further her interest in math and show appreciation for it.

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Claudia Franklin
IB Language and Literature Instructor

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